The rebuilding of a temple complex in Hampshire, supposedly aligned on the axis of an ancient ley line, has been completed by Beard Construction.

The turnkey redevelopment of White Eagle Lodge at Newlands near Liss in Hamphire, costing £5 million, features a domed main temple, cloistered walkway, lecture room, library, consultation and mediation rooms, a reception area and kitchen.

The temple is home to an international spiritual movement founded in 1936 known as the White Eagle Lodge.

Ley lines are ancient paths between historic sites. The idea was popularised in the UK by businessman and antiquarian Alfred Watkins, who noticed the alignment of several features in the landscape.

Some believe they are part of a prehistoric worldwide network of electromagnetic energy, although John Bruno Hare pointed out in 2004 that Watkins himself never attributed any supernatural significance to the leys, believing them only to be pathways used for trade or ceremonial purposes.

The new temple was designed by architectural firm James Gorst. It is built from white brickwork, lime mortar and glass, supported by Glulam Columns. A 24KW ground source heat pump provides underfloor heating to the polished concrete floor.

The previous building on the site, buult in 1974, was demolished, ground to aggregate and used for hard core on-site.

The work originally began in March of 2021, with the Beard team liasing with the customer and architect throughout the work to carry out their vision correctly.

Beard director Mike Hedges said: “Beard’s philosophy is to build with ambition and the White Eagle Lodge project embodies that ethos.

“Simplicity is often difficult to achieve, particularly given the unique architectural challenges and pinpoint accuracy required for this build. However, we have succeeded in handing over a building which realises the simple yet precise vision of the White Eagle Lodge movement for its new temple, leaving a timeless legacy for generations to come.”

White Eagle Lodge trustee Jason Wilson said: “One of the key phrases throughout this process was simplicity combined with beauty and we believe that has been achieved. The finished product has exceeded all our expectations – not just on a physical but also on a spiritual level.”

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