Why is your company unique and how should you flaunt it? Building a great employer brand, supported by creative PR, is one very important way of showcasing your success and attracting the best people to your business.

A brand is the identity and story of a company that makes it stand out from competitors who sell similar products or services. The goal of branding is to earn space in the minds of the target audience, becoming their preferred option for doing business.

An ‘employer brand’ reflects your organisation’s ‘personality’; how it is perceived internally and externally as an employer or potential employer.

Much like a consumer campaign, employer branding is about connecting with employees’ emotions, making them feel part of something greater; a community that shares values and works towards common goals.


Why is a strong employer brand important?

Eighty-three per cent of talent acquisition leaders agree that employer branding significantly impacts their ability to hire great candidates, according to the LinkedIn Employer Branding Playbook.

Just as consumers want to buy from companies they know, trust, and respect, top talent wants to work for businesses that do the same.

Candidates mostly move to companies they know. Those companies with tarnished employer brands have to offer higher salaries as incentives.

Ideally, businesses want to hire top people who are in demand but who are very keen to work for them.

There are three key ways to build a strong employer brand:

  • Visibility and credibility: Position your company as a leader in its field and the first-choice destination for talent within an industry or sector
  • Strong personal brands: Raise the profile of ‘thought leaders’ in your company. This showcases the calibre of people with whom new recruits will work
  • Bring the employee experience to life: Demonstrate what it’s like to work for you by drawing on the personal experiences of your current employees.


How can PR help?

PR can support and reinforce all three of these strands.

Positive perception

PR creates a positive narrative around your company, showcasing its values, culture, and work environment. By highlighting success stories, employee testimonials, and achievements, you become an appealing workplace for anyone seeking a supportive and engaging work environment.

A positive employer brand, nurtured by PR efforts, can enhance employee satisfaction and retention. When employees feel proud to work for a company that receives positive attention, they are more likely to remain committed, share their positive experiences among their networks, and act as brand ambassadors.

Credibility and trust

A well-executed PR strategy builds credibility and trust among stakeholders, including potential hires. When a company’s values align with its actions and are consistently communicated, it enhances trust among current and prospective employees.

Differentiation in a competitive market

In a competitive job market, a strong employer brand stands out. Effective PR differentiates your company from competitors by showcasing what makes your workplace unique, appealing, and a better choice for potential employees.

Adaptation and crisis management

Effective PR navigates challenging situations and maintains a positive employer brand even during crises. How a company handles difficult times can significantly impact its employer brand. A strategic and timely PR response is crucial in mitigating negative perceptions.

Consistency and long-term impact

Consistency in messaging across various PR channels over time reinforces the employer brand. A sustained effort in showcasing a positive workplace culture and values leaves a lasting impression on stakeholders.


A robust and creative PR strategy is instrumental in shaping a positive employer brand. It does this by crafting a narrative that resonates with potential and current employees. This narrative fosters trust, differentiation and advocacy, adapts to market dynamics and manages challenges effectively. It is essential to employer brand success.