Just Mortgages has established a series of broker focus groups to help the firm understand the needs of advisers and assist them in expanding their scope.

Brokers from across the UK with different experiences and backgrounds will be organised into groups of 12 to brainstorm how to communicate information to potential clients. The groups will also come up with strategies and plans which brokers can use to branch out into new product areas and diversify their business. 

The information from these groups will be rolled out across the country so ideas can be shared among brokers working in different areas of the UK. 

John Phillips (pictured), national operations director at Just Mortgages said, “It’s very easy for brokers to act in silos within their region and core products areas without realising that they have a wealth of knowledge to share with others in the company. We have a rich vein of experience and knowledge and these focus groups are a proactive way to ensure this knowledge is shared across the group.    

“We set up these forums because we wanted a face-to-face interaction between brokers so that there was a really engaging exchange of views and opinions. We are merely acting as facilitators and ensuring that there is a mechanism to share these insights with other brokers.”   

He added: “One of the most important aspects of these forums is that it is not a hollow echo chamber but will actually drive activity and tangible outcomes in the form of product literature, marketing collateral and strategies for brokers to increase their businesses using real examples and case studies.    

“This is an exciting initiative and we’re thrilled that places are massively oversubscribed with brokers wishing to get involved.”

Last week, Mortgage Solutions reported that the firm had brought out a business development initiative for its brokers to help them identify ways to offset the negative effect of an economic downturn.


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