Later life lender Livemore Capital has returned to the mortgage market with a range of fixed rate interest-only mortgage products for borrowers aged between 50 to 90 plus.

The lender temporarily suspended products at the end of September, which it said was due to the dislocation in UK currency and money markets.

The products follow a four-tier structure, which allows brokers to fit customer’s needs with criteria at each tier.

The tiers’ varying criteria can suit customers with “straightforward requirements” all the way to more “complex credit profiles”.

There are also options available for debt consolidation, non-standard property construction and remortgage.

The range consists of retirement interest-only and term interest-only mortgage products with maximum loan to values (LTVs) of 60 and 75 per cent respectively.

Rates begin from 7.75 per cent for both five and 10-year fixed rate interest-only mortgage loans between £10,000 up to £1.5m.

Leon Diamond (pictured), CEO of Livemore Capital, said it was “great to be back lending again” as those aged 50 to 90 plus are “underserved by the mortgage market”.


He added: “In the current economic climate, they need us more than ever. We offer them the widest criteria in the market, some of the greatest lending amounts, and we welcome all incomes to assess affordability, including pensions or rental income.

“People need options and flexibility, which is what we’re all about. Our products are uniquely structured into four tiers to help us consider all kinds of circumstances, including complex credit histories or even past arrears.”

Diamond continued that it manually underwrote every cases so each case is “assessed on its own merits”.

“Whether you’re 50 or in your 90s, you know you’ll get a fair hearing with Livemore,” he said.


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